Kappa Alpha Theta

Mu Chapter Allegheny College

Chapter Officers

Lindsey Kelley

Chief Executive Officer

Lindsey is an Environmental Studies major focusing on International Development and a religious studies minor. In addition to Theta, she is also a volunteer student teacher and co-site leader for EMC^2, which is an after-school science education program for Meadville area elementary school students. Lindsey also works a tour guide in the admissions office. This summer Lindsey did research on agricultural drought management and decision-making at the University of Nevada, Reno. Her research looked at the degree of vulnerability of farmers who live along the Truckee-Carson River System based on their access to water. "I have had so many wonderful experiences as a Theta, but the moment that stands out the most occurred before I even accepted my bid. It was during our philanthropy night of recruitment and we were learning about CASA and had just watched the movie that Nationals supplies for recruitment. I remember realizing during that video that I wanted to be part of an organization that did helped out the community in a less visible way, but still made a tangible impact. I realized that Theta and CASA provided that opportunity. We have a local CASA chapter here in Meadville, so our work directly benefitted the people around us. I knew, in that moment, that Theta was the chapter for me. I have never regretted my decision. It's everything I expected it to be, and more!"

Haley Marblestone

Chief Operating Officer

Haley is a senior at Allegheny College majoring in Communication Arts and Psychology minoring. This summer Haley went on the Experiential Learning Seminar in Central Europe traveling to Berlin, Dresden, and Prague. She spent the remainder of her summer working at the Allegheny's Alumni Center. In addition, she was able to travel to New York and Michigan and was able to spend a wonderful week with her family and pets. "To me, Theta means forming the relationships that I have with my big and my little, and having a family that is always there for me."

Rebecca Novak

Chief Administrative Officer

Rebecca is a Managerial Economics Major and Communication Arts Minor. She is also a member of the Honor Committee and works as a Speech Consultant on campus. This summer Rebecca had the opportunity to intern with Huntington Bank while also beginning to plan her wedding! "To me, Theta means opportunity. Theta has allowed me to grow during my time at Allegheny. I have had countless leadership opportunities and have met a diverse group of leading women. I'm grateful for the memories made and the experiences that I've shared with my sisters."

Chloe Lattin

Chief Financial Officer

Chloe is a Biology Major and Psych Minor. Aside from Theta, Chloe is a Health Coach, an organic Chemistry TA and a member of the Pre-Health Club. She spent this past summer shadowing the Chief of Pediatric Surgery at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Cleveland. "Theta has been an opportunity for me to get to know girls older and younger than me with different interests that I might not have met otherwise. Many of the friendships I have made within Theta will be ones that I will bring with me beyond Allegheny. Aside from meeting a very diverse group of girls, I have greatly enjoyed the leadership opportunities Theta has offered me and the personal growth I have experienced from the added responsibilities."

Mikayla Wobrak

Chief Education Officer

Mikayla is junior at Allegheny College majoring in Psychology and minoring in Astronomy. On campus, Mikayla is the president and designer of Overkill Literary Magazine, the secretary for the Reproductive Health Coalition. She is also a member of the wind symphony and wind ensemble, clarinet ensemble, a GFC volunteer, and participates in a work study at the Pelletier Library. This summer Mikayla lived in Meadville and worked as a student assistant in the Merrick Archives in Pelletier Library. She also attended the Collegiate Leadership Conference. "Theta to me means being surrounded by the sisters I never had, sisters who are bonded together by choice and by love."

Alexis Cammarata

Chief Recruitment Officer

Lexi is a Biochemistry major and Spanish minor at Allegheny College. She is the founder and president of Allegheny College Club Field Hockey, member of Ground for Change, and a member of the pre-health club. This summer Lexi worked as an EMT driving the ambulance and saving lives. She also went to Theta's Emerging Leader Conference in Indiana and stayed in Alpha Chapter's house. "My favorite memory of Theta was the day after I joined. I was walking out of one of my classes and so many Theta's said hello to me. I understood what sisterhood meant that day."

Kristin Caja

Chief Panhellenic Officer

Kristin is a Global Health Studies Major and Psychology Minor. Aside from being Theta's Pahellenic Representative, Kristin is the Beta Beta Beta treasurer, a Psychology tutor, Pre-health Club member, and is a member of the Health Professional Advisory Committee (HPAC). "Theta has lit up my life like a golden sun! Through Theta I was able to blossom as a leader, and fulfill the most meaningful role as a big to my beautiful little. She, and all my sisters, gave me hope, joy, and true friendship in a time that I thought I would never have those blessings. As a transfer student it was Theta that made me realize that I belonged somewhere, and Allegheny led me to the greatest sisterhood there is."

Emily Lunz

Chief Marketing Officer

Emily is Majoring in Global Health Studies and Minoring in Economics. She is also the treasurer of the Young Feminist Leadership Alliance and a tutor at Operation Read. This past summer Emily spent three weeks in Central Europe on an Experiential Learning Seminar. Upon returning, she interned at the Crawford County WIC office.

Sarah Mucha

Service and Philanthropy Director

Sarah is a senior at Allegheny College majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Political Science and Education Studies. She is also an Allegheny Volunteer Service Leader for EMC^2, and works at the Athletic Trainer's Office. This summer Sarah interned at the Department of Energy at the Savannah River Site. She spent her time editing project proposals and documents to aid with the cleanup of Cold War era nuclear waste. "Theta means having opportunities! Through Theta, I have had the opportunity to become a leader, meet an amazing group of diverse women, and improve my academics."

Sara Von Dolln

Scholarship Director

Sara is a junior at Allegheny College majoring in Communication Arts and minoring in History. She is also a member of the Allegheny Track & Field, Lambda Sigma Sophomore Honor Society, and has plans to join Habitat for Humanity this semester. Sara joined a sports league in Wilmington, and spent time with family and volunteered with an organization that helps preserve sea turtle nests on the shore until they hatch! "My favorite memory of Theta was definitely big/little reveal both for when I got my big and my little. I wasn't able to go the actually big/little ceremony when I was getting my big but Lindsey made it super special by getting my entire family to go to the suite and surprise me. Also, when I got my little because it was my first time seeing the ceremony and I couldn't wait for my little to be a a part of my family!"

Jasmine Nguyen

Facilities Management Director

Jasmine is majoring are Biology and Psychology on the Pre-Med track. She is also a member of the Pre-Health club. Jasmine has spent her summer in Meadville as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Wesbury. "My favorite Theta memory is probably my very first bid day because, even though I was really anxious and scared, I never felt so immediately comfortable with a group of people."

Veronica Schuver

Human Resources Director

Veronica is a Biology major and Psychology minor at Allegheny College. In addition to Kappa Alpha Theta, Veronica is also involved in the Navigator Mentoring Program, Health Coaching, Pre-Health Club, and Orchesis Dance Company. She spent this summer in her home in Lakewood, NY as a supervisor of the Ticket Office at Chautauqua Institution. "Theta is important to me because I know I always have a support system of women who encourage me to be the best version of myself. It gives me opportunities to improve myself everyday and I feel motivated by the women of Theta who lead by example. Theta feels like coming home."

Brianna Martig

New Member Director

Brianna is a Political Science major and a French minor. She is involved in choir, Panhellenic Council, and Phi Sigma Alpha. Brianna also spends her time working at the library and slaving away at her comp cube. This summer she took classes in Paris and stayed with a host family. "My favorite memory of Theta is every single bid day, and seeing all my new members be initiated."

Ellie Najewicz

Event Director

Ellie is a Managerial Economics major and a Mathematics minor. Aside from Theta, Ellie is involved in Career Education, Career Navigator, and Women in Business. This summer she worked for Wells Fargo Bank in Charlotte North Carolina. Ellie worked in Third Party Risk Management on the Analytics and Reporting team. She spent the summer enjoying Charlotte, eating the local cuisine, and traveling to nearby cities. "These girls are some of the most inspirational figures in my life and I look up to them as great role models. I know they will always be there for me and I will always be there for them."

Haley Riley

Song Chair

Haley is majoring in Communication Arts and Environmental Studies at Allegheny College. She is also the president of Allegheny Student Government, and a member of the Center for Political Participation and Alpha Phi Omega. This summer Haley interned and wrote grants in the Grants Department of Unity Health Care Inc., which is an organization that aids patients regardless of their ability to pay for healthcare. "The last pledging ceremony before our newest sister's initiation was especially memorable to me because it was one of my first duties as Song Chair. I had just been elected ASG President and having beautiful words of encouragement from all of my sisters, especially my Theta Mom Lizzie Thompson & my Big Lindsey Kelley. I couldn't stop happy crying through the whole ceremony and everyone gave me a huge hug afterwards and it is one of my favorite Theta memories."

Margo Birol

IT Director

Margo is a sophomore at Allegheny College majoring in Managerial Economics and double-minoring in Psychology and Global Health Studies. Over the summer, Margo stayed in Meadville where she worked as a tour guide within the Admissions Office. Margo has a passion for travel. Although hesitant at first, Margo is so glad that Theta has given her the sisters she always wanted but never had.