Kappa Alpha Theta

Mu Chapter Allegheny College

Chapter Officers

Abbey Hughes

Chief Executive Officer

Abbey is a Communication Arts major, and a History and Music minor at Allegheny. In addition to Theta, she is an executive board member of Student Alliance for Prison Reform organization, a Rugby Player, a leader for EMC^2, which is an after-school science education program for Meadville area elementary school students where she focuses on PR. She also works as the social media student assistant for Allegheny College’s office of Public Relations. This summer Abbey is working in the Washington D.C. neighborhood of Adams Morgan with their Business Improvement District working to help them with marketing and a rebranding campaign. “I knew I was meant to be apart of Theta when people accepted me for all that I was. The women who were in the chapter at the time welcomed me with open arms, and didn’t love me despite of anything, they loved me because of everything about me. They have always encouraged my difference, and continue to do so everyday. I never saw myself in a sorority, but I truly knew I belonged when I was surrounded by so many people that saw something in me before I saw it in myself.”

Shoshana Robbins

Chief Operating Officer

Shoshana Robbins is a senior Majoring in Community and Justice Studies, and minoring in Education Studies and Political Science. She is extremely involved in Jewish life on campus through Hillel and is a member of the Pre-Education Club while also sitting on the Education Studies Steering Committee. "I knew I belonged in Theta when I was encouraged to travel the world to follow my dreams and knew that when I got back I would be welcomed home as if I had never left."

Abbie Johnson

Chief Administrative Officer

Abbie is a senior at Allegheny majoring in International Studies and minoring in French and Communication Arts. She is the secretary of Model United Nations, and a member of Wind Symphony, Wind Ensemble, College Choir, Chamber Choir, Phi Sigma Iota and Lambda Pi Eta. "I never saw myself in a sorority in college; I thought that I didn't fit with the traditional stereotypes of what I imagined sorority life to be. But I knew I belonged in Theta when I saw that I would be truly encouraged to by my authentic, slightly unique self and be surrounded by people who constantly push me to be better."

Raelynn Dorscheid

Chief Financial Officer

Raelynn is an Allegheny Junior majoring in Biology and minoring in Latin. She is involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athlets, Biology Club, the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), and is a member of the Volleyball team. "I knew I belonged in Theta when I felt comfortable around people I didn't know all that well. I can be a shy and awkward person at times and when everyone I talked to during recruitment was accepting of who I was, embraced who I was and made me want to push myself to be a better me, I knew I was in the right place."

Bri Gurdon

Chief Learning Officer

Mikayla is junior at Allegheny College majoring in Psychology and minoring in Astronomy. On campus, Mikayla is the president and designer of Overkill Literary Magazine, the secretary for the Reproductive Health Coalition. She is also a member of the wind symphony and wind ensemble, clarinet ensemble, a GFC volunteer, and participates in a work study at the Pelletier Library. This summer Mikayla lived in Meadville and worked as a student assistant in the Merrick Archives in Pelletier Library. She also attended the Collegiate Leadership Conference. "Theta to me means being surrounded by the sisters I never had, sisters who are bonded together by choice and by love."

Faith Simms

Chief Recruitment Officer

Faith is a Senior. She is majoring in International Studies and Spanish. In addition to being Chief Recruitment Officer, she is the former Vice-President of the Model United Nations Club. She is also the Director of Diversity and Inclusion for our Student Government. "Sisters are supposed to make you laugh even on your hardest days. Theta has been the source of laughter and smiles. And not the fake kind, the real big laughs from your gut. I wanted to surround myself with positicity so I joined Theta."

Hannah Schaffer

Chief Panhellenic Officer

Hannah Schaffer is a junior majoring in Community & Justice Studies and a double minoring in Journalism and Economics. She is the Science and International Editor for The Campus, Director of Organizational Developments for Allegheny Student Government and an Allegheny Volunteer Service Leader for Big Brothers Big Sisters. "I knew I belonged in Theta when I witnessed the values I had been raised with coming to life within this group of leading women."

Angie Bucci

Chief External Affairs Officer

Angie Bucci is a rising Junior at Allegheny double majoring in Environmental Studies and English with a minor in Economics. On campus, she is also involved in SCLA, the Law & Policy program, the GFC board, the Penn State Behrend Charted Financial Analyst Society, and Sustained Dialogues. "I always thought I belonged in Theta ever since I became a new member Freshman year, but it wasn't until Sophomore year that truly understood the community I was a part of. I received and outpouring of support when I was struggling emotionally and academically, which helped me realize the caring and invaluable nature of sistherhood."

Marisol Santa Cruz

Philanthropy Director

Marisol Santa Cruz is a Junior at Allegheny College. She is majoring in Communication Arts and minoring in Computer Science. She is also involved in ASAA, Outing Club, FiGLI, Sister Circle, Union Latinx, and the Residence Life office as a Resident Adviser. "I definitely knew that I belonged to Theta when I was invited to a Theta dinner and was able to share genuine conversations and laughs with women who I just met."

Sam Awe

Scholarship Director

Sam and is a double major in International Studies and Spanish with a minor in Chinese at Allegheny. She is a part of the Women's soccer tea, and when she is not running around for school or soccer, she can be found sleeping or adventuring (there's really no in-between). "There are two moments that really solidified the fact that I belonged in Theta: the second night of recruitment and bid day. On the second night, we were talking about service and I mentioned Thailand, which made a sister immediately turn around, flail, and then fangirl over Thailand with me. The night of bid, we were all "watching" a movie, but really just talking, laughing, and eating. That's when I was able to learn more about all the wonderful organization I was now a part of.

Jocelyn Steffan

Facilities Management Director

Jocelyn is an Allegheny Senior majoring in Psychology and minoring in Spanish. She is an active member of the College's Choir, a member of Orchesis, as well as a member of Psi Chi, and Phi Sigma Iota honors societies. She is also employed by the college working in the Office of Residence Life as a residence adviser. "I knew I belonged in theta when I was feeling the warmth of a diverse group of women who were just as silly as me during preference night. I had butterflies in my stomach and tears coming down my face."

Tori Vradenburg

Human Resources Director

Tori is an Allegheny Sophomore majoring in Economics and Global Health, and minoring in History. She is a member of the softball team, and apart of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. "I knew I belonged in Theta after seeing the genuine friendship, and support between all the sisters, especially at big/little reveal, and various firesides."

Lauren Bodi

New Member Director

Lauren is a Global Health Studies major and a Communication Arts minor. She loves to travel and has been to 20 new countries within the last year! "The moment that I new that I belonged in Theta was probably my second night of recruitment. When I saw how much love and passion all of our sisters had for CASA, it made me fall in love with Theta even more. Seeing how much everyone wanted to help the kids in Crawford County really made me want to be a part of such an amazing organization. That was the night that I really got to talk to everyone without being so nervous and now I am lucky enough to call all of those wonderful ladies my sisters!"

Jillian Stiver

Events Director

Jillian Stiver is a junior at Allegheny studying as a Neuroscience Major and Education Studies Minor. She is involved in the Pre-Health club, AERO, Up ‘til Dawn, Neuroscience club, and Pre-Education club on campus. "I knew I belonged in Theta when I felt so supported by my sisters while going through the hardest semester of my life last spring. I am thankful to have sisters who lift me higher and always encourage me to do my best!"

Shannon Putnam

Social Media Director

Shannon Putnam is an Allegheny Junior working towards an Economics major, and Education Studies minor. She is a member of the Varsity softball team, as well as Treasurer of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, and a member of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. " I knew I belonged in Theta during informal recruitment on s'mores night, because we stayed outside talking like old friends till the fire was dead and we were all bitten up by mosquitoes."

Jade Allen

Executive Assistant

Jade Allen is a Sophomore at Allegheny majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Music. She is apart of the Pre-Health Club, Wind Symphony, Flute Choir, and is a GFC volunteer; "The moment I knew I belonged in Theta was on Pref Night when I was chatting with some Theta's and I felt so comfortable and like I could be myself around them."

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